Antenova antenna FAQs

FAQs relating to our gigaNOVA, lamiiANT, ceriiANT and flexiiANT antennas:

Do Antenova’s antennas require any matching circuit components?

My company does not have any RF test equipment. Can Antenova help us to tune the matching circuit?

Antenova offers a multitude of embedded SMT antennas that all work at my desired operating frequency. How do I know which one to choose?

I have a device with very small ground plane (65mm long) and the datasheet for Antenova’s 4G LTE antenna Lucida (SR4L002) suggests I need a 130mm ground plane length to achieve the stated performances in the datasheet. What do you suggest I do?

I want to use the SINICA (SR4G008) GNSS antenna from your lamiiANT series for my GPS receiver antenna. Will it work and where should I place it on my PCB?

I want to use your Weii Antenna (SRCW004) for my BT device but the evaluation board ground plane size that your datasheet is based on is much larger then my application board size, so I do not think your antenna will work, am I correct in my assumption?

Where do I get CAD footprints for your antenna products?

I received a sample of the flexiiANT Bentoni (SR4G013) antenna with IPEX MHF connector but my PCB application board has a much larger threaded SMA (3.5mm) connector for the RF output connection. Can you recommend how should I connect it?

I have a need for a GNSS module but have no room for an antenna in my device and I do not want to use an external antenna, what do you suggest?

How do I connect an external antenna to your RADIONOVA M10478 series modules?

I have one of your RADIONOVA M10478 A2 modules integrated on my application board but I cannot seem to track any satellites using my own or your supplied software.