News | 9th January 2018

Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules, is launching a brand new compact, all-in-one active GNSS […]

News | 18th October 2017

Antenova is introducing two brand new antennas for the ISM and cellular frequencies. These antennas are designed to […]

News | 27th February 2018

Antenova wins the Hardware Award at Embedded World 2018

News | 31st August 2017

Antenova introduces Robusta – a very low profile GNSS antenna in a brand new patent design for metal surfaces – for tracking applications and Smart Cities

News | 15th June 2017

Antenova is shipping Zenon, the first in its REFLECTOR family of low-profile antennas for metal surfaces

News | 24th May 2017

Antenova launches Grandis – a smaller antenna covering the 863-870MHz / 902-928MHz ISM bands for the growing LPWAN market, IoT and smart cities

News | 9th March 2017

Antenova to reveal chip antennas for the new NB-IoT standard at Embedded World

News | 13th October 2016

Antenova announces Inca – small antenna with high gain at 433MHz

News | 21st September 2016

Antenova announces Beltii, a miniature embedded antenna (P/N SR4G013) for small PCBs in GNSS devices at 1559-1609 MHz

News | 1st September 2016

Weightless-P LPWAN SDK launches at CTIA – Weightless SIG announces Weightless-P hardware and Weightless Ignition Pack, partners with Antenova

News | 19th July 2016

Antenova responds to demand for 802.11/ac Wi-Fi antennas as IPTV, Set-Top Box and content streaming manufacturers move up to 5GHz

News | 25th May 2016

Antenova M2M ships embedded couplers for TransferJet close proximity wireless transfer

News | 12th May 2016

Antenova introduces three brand new ‘plug and play’ antennas for small devices in the 3G, 4G and LTE bands

News | 13th April 2016

Antenova M2M expands design and support facilities in Taipei as shipments of new design antennas continue to grow