Supporting patients viawireless communications


Wireless technology plays a huge role in supporting the healthcare of patients with precise and reliable connectivity in a range of sensors and tracking devices.

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Why Antenova for E-Health

High performance and efficiency to ensure the safety and health of patients at all times

Compact design

Antenova designs and manufactures revolutionary antennas that boast unparalleled performance without compromising on efficiency.

Reliable connectivity

Our products are the pinnacle of reliability and robustness, meticulously engineered to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity in every situation.

Ease of integration

Our antennas are designed to cut the complexity out of integration and simplify the process with pick-and-place capability.

Why Antenova for E-Health?


Real-time patient location

Our products provide precision in every respect, providing the wireless foundation for real-time tracking if and when needed.

Complete awareness

With reduced latency, energy consumption and reliable connectivity, you can be confident and aware of the status of your patients around the clock.

Swift installation

Antenova wireless integration makes the installation of vital trackers and sensors simple, so that you can focus on the health of your patients rather than the health of your wireless network.


Antenna selection tool

Finding and integrating an antenna can be one of the most problematic steps in creating a wireless product. Try our antenna selection tool to get the right one for your project.