Electric Vehicle

antennas for
electric vehicles


Wireless connectivity is enhancing the technological potential of the growing electric vehicle market. Antenova’s products harness this potential with compact and high-performing antennas that provide full wireless capability to each and every design.


Why Antenova for electric vehicles?

High performance

All of our products represent high-performing wireless solutions, no matter the design, technology or infrastructure you need for your electric vehicle.

Ease of integration

Our cutting-edge antennas showcase an unparalleled ease of integration with a vast array of types and technologies at your disposal.

Diverse range

No matter the technology you need to connect to specific infrastructure, we offer a reliable range of products in each respective wireless technology; all with the same high level of performance, efficiency and quality.

Why Antenova for
electric vehicles?


Smart charging capability

Enhance the potential of your designs with full smart charging capability, ensuring seamless communications with charging station infrastructure.

Full network compatibility

Regardless of the specific network you need to utilise for your design, our diverse range of products suit your specific needs whilst ensuring wireless performance and reliability.

Scalable manufacturing

Our antennas seamlessly merge with your design cycle, minimising the time spent on antenna integration so more can be better spent on reaching the manufacture stage ASAP.



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