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Antenova has been acquired by the discoverIE group.

Antenova has been acquired by the discoverIE group, a diverse group of technology and development businesses that develop and manufacture a range of electronic equipment across the globe; Antenova belongs to the sensing and connectivity division.

A family of sensitivity and connectivity leaders

discoverIE is an international group that specialises in the development, manufacture and integration of innovative and customised electronic components. It consists of over 20 businesses that each represent expertise in an individual field of electronics to bring a unified goal of delivering continuous value to customers. They focus on four key areas of modern electronics:

Renewable energy solutions

Technology and components involved in renewable energy generation such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Electric vehicle infrastructure

Helping advance the electrification of public transportation by innovating in a range of electrical components.

Medical equipment and

Improving the quality of life for patients and those in care by developing new technology in the field.

Improving energy efficiency across industries

Contributing to minimising the power consumption of devices across industries to reduce overall emissions.

Benefits to Antenova customers

Antenova’s commitment to producing a wide range of high-performing, highly efficient and compact antenna solutions in a range of types and technologies is one that perfectly aligns within discoverIE’s goals.

Extending our expertise

Moving into the future, Antenova will work with discoverIE and its other businesses to provide reliable connectivity to a range of electronic devices that serve the individual needs and requirements of each client and customer.

Improved R&D capabilities

With access to the expertise, experience and facilities within discoverIE, Antenova gains a broader range of R&D capabilities for RF technology. As a result, our customers can expect an enhancement of our cutting-edge antenna portfolio that will continue to provide the best in performance, reliability and efficiency.

More products

The additional resources and capabilities available will allow us to expand our product range at a faster rate than ever before. Expect greater diversity of wireless solutions to suit each and every design, each with the Antenova promise of performance and quality assured.

Global synergy of technology

The international presence of discoverIE will expand the horizons of our reach across multiple continents. We will be able to collaborate and operate within new markets, directly benefiting those we are already in with new expertise. The result is a faster development for our products, and our customers having a much faster time-to-market.

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