Mighty performance. Miniature form.

Antenova designs and develops compact antennas that innovatively solve the most pressing connectivity challenges facing us today.

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Quick integration.
By design.

Simple to place and integrate, Antenova’s antennas are designed with performance and certification in mind.

Mighty performance.
In miniature form.

Innovative designs that maximise performance in a compact form–freeing up space on your circuit board.

Next generation.
At industrial scale.

Solutions for today’s incumbent technologies, as well as highly scalable products for groundbreaking ones.

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The switchless 4G/LTE antenna made for small ground plane designs. Pharaoh (SR4L073) is a unique surface-mount (SMD) antenna designed to meet 4G/LTE TRP certification requirements on a small ground plane.

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Wireless for the next generation


Besides providing the wireless capability for existing automotive technologies like Bluetooth, we have experience in OBD-II design to enhance the diagnostic systems, as well as additional technologies to expand your wireless horizons.

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The high performance and reliability requirements of e-health applications are fulfilled and surpassed by our antenna solutions. From sensors to tracking devices, our products provide peace of mind through robust connectivity in compact form factors to suit any device design.

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Electric vehicle

The move to electric, sustainable mobility poses a number of challenges and opportunities. From the connected charging networks, to vehicle-to-grid connections, device-to-device communication is paramount. Antenova’s products are used across many automotive applications, creating reliable connections from automobiles to everything.

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Industrial internet of things

Antenova’s antennas can be found in devices that boost productivity, introduce automation and maximise operating efficiency. Found in the most remote locations, to deep indoors and even underground locations.

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Smart Grid

Supercharge your smart grid applications with Antenova’s high-performance antennas that ensure seamless and robust connectivity. Each of our products are designed to be easy to integrate and simple to scale, without compromising on performance.

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Tracking devices play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and security. Our high-performance antennas bring efficiency and reliability in compact form to expand the potential of these devices.

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