Extending the wireless
capabilities of the
automotive industry


Besides providing the wireless capability for existing automotive technologies like Bluetooth, we have experience in OBD-II design to enhance the diagnostic systems, as well as additional technologies to expand your wireless horizons.

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Why Antenova for automotive?

Range of technologies

From UWB and Bluetooth to cellular and Wi-Fi; we offer a wide range of wireless solutions to suit each and every part of automotive infrastructure.

Robust and reliable

Our cutting-edge wireless solutions guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, keeping you connected 24/7 no matter the conditions or design challenges you face.

Automotive experience

We have extensive expertise in the automotive industry, particularly in onboard diagnostics development. We possess an unparalleled understanding of the critical role wireless technology plays in the automotive landscape.

Why Antenova for automotive?


Intelligent transportation connectivity

For C-2VX, WLAN connectivity or any wireless infrastructure, you can be confident your designs have the full capability to use intelligent transport systems.

Scalable manufacturing

Streamline your wireless integration process with our exceptional products that combine seamless integration and unparalleled performance; shortening the design cycle for your automotive designs.

Confidence in wireless capabilities

We have antennas available in every wireless technology used in automotive, all refined and optimised to provide the best performance possible.



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