1559-1609 MHz: GNSS SMD Active Antenna
P/N M20047-1

Active Sinica small image
  • Frequency: 1559 - 1609 MHz
  • Dimension: 7.0 x 7.0 x 1.1 mm

This compact, all in one active GNSS antenna with built-in LNA and filter, boosts the signal to the GNSS processor in environments where line of sight to the horizon is difficult – a useful, space-saving option for small tracking devices.  Suitable for tracking all kinds of moving objects, telematics, and wearable sports devices.


Active Sinica - Product Specification
3D Model



Delivery Information

Antennas and GPS modules - estimated delivery date of 5-7 days

Evaluation boards - estimated delivery date of 7-14 days

* All antennas are sold in packs of 5

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