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Events | 25th June 2019

5G Antenna Systems Conference, 26th September, 2019, New York

News | 4th June 2019

Antenova adds a tiny embedded antenna for dual-band WLAN: Minuta

News | 2nd May 2019

Antenova ships its precision positioning antenna ‘Raptor’

News | 6th March 2019

A new forum to give the electronic design community answers on PCB design for wireless and antenna integration

Events | 4th March 2019

Embedded World, 25-27 Feb 2020, Nuremberg, Germany

News | 8th January 2019

New at CES: Antenova’s design for a  small On-Board Device integrates LTE CatM1 in a Blade Antenna for OBDII  units

News | 8th January 2019

Antenova responds to demand for wireless lighting with a 1.6mm high REFLECTOR antenna for metal surfaces

News | 3rd January 2019

Antenova to show a Diversity Kit using the new Cat4 LTE standard, at CES

News | 3rd January 2019

Antenova’s latest SMD antenna ‘Raptor’ can pinpoint a location to within centimetres

News | 13th September 2018

Ultra-small GNSS active antenna module with LNA and SAW now shipping

News | 27th February 2018

Antenova wins the Hardware Award at Embedded World 2018

News | 9th January 2018

Antenova’s latest compact antenna boosts GNSS signals from difficult locations and will be on show at CES