Design support & technical services


Design for integration

Antenova’s antennas are designed specifically for integration into a wireless device – a design philosophy which we call Design for Integration, DFI. We also provide CAD files for all of our antennas on demand and free of charge, to make the integration of the antenna easier at the design stage. CAD files can be downloaded from the relevant product pages. Antenova also offers free architecture and Gerber reviews.


Antenna matching and testing

As your product development moves from design to testing, Antenova’s laboratories are there to assist and will support you during antenna matching and performance testing

Our expert RF design team will assist through your product development cycle, making your design journey easier and faster. Great RF performance makes the difference between a good product and an outstanding one.


Bespoke antenna design

If there is nothing suitable in the standard ranges on our website, Antenova’s experts can design and produce an antenna specific to your project’s requirements.


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