gigaNOVA Range

Calvus Penta-band SMD Antenna P/N A10340H

A GSM/UMTS antenna that supports up to five frequency bands

Comata 2.4GHz SMD Antenna P/N A6111H

SMD mounted 2.4GHz antenna offering easy integration

Fusca 2.4GHz SMD Antenna P/N A10192H

Ideal for wearables, Fusca is a small 2.4GHz SMD antenna

Mica 2.4GHz SMD Antenna P/N A5645H

Low-profile WLAN antenna built for ground plane to extend beneath the antenna

Mixtus dual-band Wi-Fi SMD Antenna P/N A10194H

Low profile antenna for use with all dual-band Wi-Fi applications, incl. 802.11n MIMO

Rufa 2.4GHz SMD Antenna P/N A5839H / A5887H

Low-profile, easy to integrate 2.4GHz SMD antenna

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