lamiiANT Range

1559-1609 MHz: Beltii, miniature GNSS antenna P/N SR4G013

This tiny GNSS antenna can be placed in a corner without ground clearance.

2.4 – 2.5 GHZ & 5.17 – 5.84 GHZ: Trogona Dual-Band Wi-Fi Antenna P/N SR42W009

SMD mounted dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, perfect for IPTV and streaming.

2.4 GHz: SERICA SMD antenna P/N SR4W035

Serica is a small antenna for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and ISM. A useful antenna that doesn’t need to be […]

4G / LTE, 3G: Integra – compact high performing antenna P/N SR4L049-L / SR4L049-R

Integra is a high performing diversity antenna for 4G/ LTE, and its small size makes it suitable for […]

4G / LTE, 3G: Inversa – compact high performing antenna P/N SR4L034-L / SR4L034-R

Inversa is a high performing diversity antenna for 4G/ LTE, and its small size makes it suitable for […]

863-870MHz /902-928MHz: Grandis miniature antennas for ISM and LPWAN P/N SR42I010-L and SR42I010-R

A smaller antenna providing enhanced performance in the ISM and LPWAN bands. It uses a ground plane to radiate and is designed to be placed in the corner of a PCB. Available in left and right versions, SR42I010-L and SR42I010-R. Suitable for IoT and smart city applications.

868/915MHZ: Velox ISM SMD ANTENNA P/N SR4I052

High performance antenna for the ISM bands.

Cellular, 3G, LTE and MIMO: Similis SMD antenna P/N SR4C005

At just 1.6mm high, this antenna is perfect for 3G single and MIMO antenna systems.

GNSS: Raptor Precision Antenna P/N SR4G053

SMD GNSS antenna capable of centimetre-accurate positioning


A novel embedded antenna for accurate positioning and high performance for all GNSS technologies.

LP-WAN, 791-960 MHz: Latona SMD antenna P/N SR4C033-L or SR4C033-R

Latona is for LP-WAN applications including NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox, ISM and Weightless-P where a small robust antenna is needed. […]


Compact low-0profile antenna for all 4G LTE applications, including MIMO

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